Backpacking stove

Technology and the invention of the backpacking stove have made cooking over an open flame a thing of the past. Not only is a backpacking stove easier to use, it is also safer than having an open flame in the wilderness areas, and for good reason. Unattended campfires are the number one reason for forest fires. Why would anyone bother to chance setting a fire when a backpacking stove is so easy, and inexpensive to use instead. Backpacking stoves are reliable and light weight. They make cooking dinner while camping a breeze and adhere to the rule of “leave no trace” that most parks enforce. In fact, many parks have started enforcing a strict policy prohibiting campfires due to the danger of accidently setting forest fires and the scarcity of firewood that is available. With a backpacking stove there is no need to worry about breaking any laws or setting forest fires since they are considerably safer.
For any camper looking to invest in a backpacking stove, the most important decision you will have to make is between the 2 main stove categories. A backpacking stove can come in canister fuel or liquid fuel. Each has its advantages and disadvantages and is really a matter of personal preference. If you are looking to pack ultra-light, you will also want to think about getting one of alternative fuel options that are now available on the market. Whatever type you chose you want to make sure your stove has a flame control and a stable base.

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