Camping Season – My New 5 Person Tent

5 Person Camping Tent

5 person tent fits the whole family.

Camping season is upon us, and I went all out on the camping gear this year. I bought myself a 5 person tent, two air mattresses, new sleeping bags, flashlights and a lot of other camping accessories. Usually, it’s just my wife and I going camping, but this year is the first year that my daughter will be old enough to go camping with us. I decided to go with a 5 person tent, as opposed to my older 2 person tent, to make sure we’d have enough room for the whole family.

With my daughter being very excited about her first camping trip, we let her help pick where we were going to go. We picked a spot close to where we live with lots of camping spots and activities to do. We packed up the 5 person tent, as well as all our other camping necessities. When we unpacked and set up the 5 person tent, we were very happy with our purchase. The 5 person tent allowed for more than enough room for our two air mattresses, giving everyone a comfortable place to sleep. We had a great time on our trip, sitting by the fire and making smores. There was even a neighboring family that was camping that had kids too, so my daughter had plenty of things to do with the other kids. We stayed our two nights, and my daughter begged to stay one more night, so we did. I look forward to getting a lot more use out of my 5 person tent.

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