Choosing the Right 3 Person Tent

The decision on what three person tent to buy could cause you a lot of grief. The decision can be difficult because you are faced with so many different option. You can buy a three person tent with multiple rooms, with a stoop built in, with ventilation windows, portable tents, stationary tents, and tents that are made for backpacking. All of these decision can cause you to simply stare at a black wall of tents and never decide on which one to buy. if you find yourself in this situation here are a few guiding principles that will help you along the way to finding the perfect three person tent for you.

You must find a three person tent that fits you and all of your gear. this means that you should set up the tent and physically walk inside to make sure that there is enough space for you, two other people, and all of your combined gear. You should also stand straight up in the three person tent and make sure that there is enough head space for you. There is nothing worse than having to crouch while inside your tent. You should also inspect the fabric of the tent. Any quality tent will be made of durable rip stop fabric. this will prevent a small puncture from ruing your tent and will allow easy repairs on the fly. You should also make sure that the tent fits your needs. This means that you should buy a three person tent that will do everything you ask of it and not cause you any grief while camping.

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