Choosing the Right Propane Camp Stove

When you go on your next camping trip a big decision will be what type of food to bring with you. This is an important decision because you want to bring food that give you strength and energy for your daily activities, yet food that is light to carry and easy to cook. The type of food you bring along on a camping trip will depend heavily on what type of camp stove you bring. This means that if you bring along a bulky gas powered camp stove you will have to sacrifice the quantity and quality of food due to weight considerations. Conversely, if you bring along an ultra light butane camp stove you will not be able to cook any heavy food at all. A propane camp stove offers a great hybrid mix of stove that should meet all of your camping needs.

When choosing a propane camp stove you will want to see how the stove is ignited. Many modern propane camp stoves utilize an automatic igniter switch which means you do not have to carry matches or a lighter with you. This is very convenient in wet or windy weather. Your propane camp stove should also come with refillable bottles so you are ensured that you never run out of fuel while in the middle of a camping trip. Your propane camp stove should also come with an adjuster knob that can adjust the level of flame intensity. This will ensure that your propane camp stove does not burn your food and your water does not take hours to boil.

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