My Six Person Tent

I recently purchased a six person tent and some camping gear. All set to go camping, I called a couple buddies and we planned out a trip. I found a local campground that had places to camp right on the lake. My friends and I cross referenced with each other, planning what we all would be bringing on the trip. I told them I had a brand new six person tent for the trip.

When we got to the campground, we had an awesome open area for the tent, and like they people said, it was right on the water. We all setup up the six person tent and got everything stowed away. The great thing about having the six person tent is we only went camping 4 people deep, so there was plenty of room for us all too fit and sleep comfortably. My particular six person tent had a zip down wall in the middle of it, so you could have privacy changing in the other room if you needed to. But hey, we were camping to so we weren't too worried about all that. With everything setup and ready to go, it was time to go fishing.

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