Screenhouses, Practical and Handy for All Outdoor Activities

Sceenhouses or screenrooms are attractive and functional for camping, family gatherings, or a day at the beach. They provide shade and rain protection so your outdoor adventures can be enjoyable and comfortable.

Don’t let rain or insects ruin or cancel your family reunion. A fully enveloped screenhouse provides protection against those annoying flies and biting mosquitoes. Evenings at camp are more enjoyable with shelter from bugs and sceenhouses provide protection from rain. They are perfect for those who like to stay up late playing games and sceenhouses have plenty of room for a small table and chairs. Campers may also like to store their gear, coolers and other equipment in the screenhouse to protect them from dew and night animals.

Sceenhouses come in various sizes and configurations. Some have net sides that can be raised or lowered at your convenience. Others provide sun, heat and rain protection without sides. They are nice to have on hand for any outdoor occasion.

Sceenhouses also double for tents. With the net sides, they offer plenty of room for sleeping bags, cots, gear, and provide maximum airflow and ventilation in humid or warm climates. They are fully portable and easy to assemble. Screenhouses are also practical at the beach for sun and heat protection.

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