Back to nature for the grandchildren

My husband and I wanted to get two of our grandchildren a unique gift this Christmas and came up with an outdoor
tent he could use to take them camping. After debating and searching, we settled on a four person tent, that way he could take an extra grandchild with him.

We chose the Stansport's Rainier Tent for 4 People. It seemed made to order, but I still
dreaded putting it together. Having a two peak roof and to fairly large doors, we decided to put this four person tent together as a trial for the future. I have to say I was totally amazed at the ease this four person tent went
together. The instructions were so easy to follow and it went together in no time.

This being a Christmas present, now it had to be disassembled. Much to my surprise, it came down with the ease
it went up and noone was the wiser that it had ever been assembled. I would recommend this tent for anyone
starting out. For making memories and traditions and quality time spent together this four person tent is the answer and you can always go bigger and accessorize.

I also would recommend a four person tent to any family just starting to explore the great outdoors. My husband
plans on taking 3 of our grandsons camping as soon as spring arrives. I recommend this website to anyone
thinking about purchasing a tent and accessories. Our four person tent is fantastic and was well received as a
Christmas gift.

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