The joys of a 1 person tent.

Traveling light is a must when camping. A 1 person tent is the most portable of shelters. When traveling alone in the wild, there is no need for excess gear. Many people venture out and find that they are bogged down by excess baggage. While a 1 person tent won’t solve all a camper’s problems, it will focus his or her mind on the necessities.

A 1 person tent doesn’t allow excess space to store gear overnight. It provides just what is required to provide shelter from the elements and unwind after a long day in the field. When camping solo, there is no need to for a bigger tent. Like every aspect of a camper’s kit, smaller and more portable is better. Some may argue that a bivy sack is enough to spend a night outdoors but there is nothing like a tent for sitting upright while enjoying a meal or reading a book while the elements storm overhead.

If two campers travel together, each benefits from carrying his or her own 1 person tent. The load of shelter is shared and each is responsible for his or her own comfort. People require privacy and a 1 person tent provides that without totally cutting off all communication between the parties in an emergency. No tent is soundproof.

Two tents together lend an air of stability and spaciousness to the campsite. Those who use them know the advantages of a 1 person tent no matter how many people are along.

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