Backpacking, Hiking and Mountain Climbing with an Optimus Stove

The Optimus stove is the perfect for traveling light in a wilderness situation. The Optimus Crux light weighs only 2.7 ounces including two cooking pans. The Optimus Nova+ weighs 15 ounces. They operate very well at high altitudes and for the experienced user they are highly reliable. The Optimus stove is amazingly light and easy to pack.

Some Optimus stove models including the Optimus crux light, come with cooking pans that act as a carrying case for the Optimus stove. These are not only a lot lighter to carry than other pans, they also protect the stove from impact damage and dirt when hiking and climbing.

Optimus fuel is a mixture of Propane and Butane. All Optimus stoves run exclusively off propane and butane mixture except the Optimus Hiker which can use a variety of fuels including artic fuel, white gas, kerosene, diesel and jet fuel. This versatility can be quite useful in many situations. The Optimus Hiker is also a little heavier, at 56 ounces, but in some situations fuel versatility could be well worth the extra weight in a backpack, and would be ideal for excursions that involve vehicles.

As with all camping equipment, new users should read all instructions, and do extensive further research online. It is also extremely advantageous to practice with the stove at home in order to insure proper use and a thorough understanding how all the equipment works. An Optimus stove is not complex to operate, but it’s better to learn at home within easy reach of your laptop than to have an unanswered question while wilderness camping. It is also very important to test and perform necessary maintenance on all equipment before going on a wilderness adventure.

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