Camping in Bad Weather

Remember trying to sleep in your “waterproof” tent on your last camping trip in the rain? It doesn’t matter whether you find a sloping hill for the water to run off, or under some fluffy pine trees, you still got wet. I just found a great way to camp out and stay dry in wet conditions. Our new truck bed tents have been one of the best purchases we ever made. My friends and I are avid campers, so we so appreciate the dry sleeping space our truck bed tents provide.
The truck bed tents are designed to fit right over an open truck bed with the opening at the rear tailgate. This is a great way to set up camp without having to sleep on the hard ground when it’s wet or cold. This is the answer to a more comfortable trip and the advantages are obvious. Truck bed tents are the easiest way to grab your gear and head out to your favorite hunting or fishing spot. I don’t have to unload all the gear or worry about insects or other critters getting in the sleeping bag with me. This set up has made my camping trips better than ever.
There are different styles like the avalanche tent or full size short box tent, whatever you need to fit your size flatbed truck. Truck bed tents have so many advantages over regular set up tents, you will never go back to your old way of camping. There are no more ropes and stakes to hammer into the ground not to mention the hassle of keeping all the ropes and stakes organized. Once you camp in the new truck bed tents, I seriously doubt you would ever go back to pitching your tent on the cold, wet or muddy ground. Easy to clean, and easy to maintain, the truck bed tents are my favorite new way to camp out. I wonder why no one thought of this sooner. This is the only way for me and my camping buddies to pitch a tent from now on.

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