College Camping Outing

six person tent

A great way to escape the drag of finals is to escape to a national park or reserve and to go camping and hiking with your friends all weekend long. Get a six person tent, or two depending on the size of your group, and pile drinks and burgers into the car and head off! You will have an unforgettable time bonding with your friends making memories to last you after college. Your six person tent may get crowded but, that can lead to the best of times when everyone is huddled under sleeping bags telling scary or goofy stories! If it is warm out, gaze up at the stars and try to forget the stress of school. All of you will be glad that you got away for the weekend even if it means stuffing yourselves into one six person tent for warmth or lack of extra tents! One of the best things you can do is sit around all day having a cook out and enjoying each others company. it does not matter if all you do is eat, drink and laugh all day about the too small six person tent because you will be having fun and getting a break from school. 4 years of college can go by so fast and you will want to make the most of it while you can. So pitch that too small six person tent and have the time of your life on a weekend camping getaway!

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