How Do I Cook My Diner When Backpacking

When backpacking in the wilderness there is nothing quite like a nice hot meal or drink. While many people think of a beautiful open fire, out in the woods, cooking diner, the reality for most is a simple little one burner gas backpacking stove. Not only is an open fire a time consuming project with wood gathering and tinder preparation, but many wilderness areas today require a permit for an open fire, if they are allowed at all. Actually cooking your meal on an open fire is yet another not as pleasing as it may seem activity. This is when a good quality backpacking stove can save you time, effort, and maybe even a fine.

Today's backpacking stove has come a long way in past decade or two. These mini, alien looking devices, are safer, more efficient, and simpler to use than ever before. You can choose from either white gas, propane, or butane models. While all three fuels require transporting in specialized containers white gas is the one most easily refilled thus eliminating the need to purchase more containers. The Propane and some Butane containers can be refilled but require special tools and knowledge, therefore most folks just pack them out and buy new ones.

Which ever fuel your new backpacking stove requires you will find that set time to eating time will be cut by at least 70% over an open fire. Clean up will also be much easier as the amount of soot on your pots and pans will be greatly reduced.
Hiking today without a lightweight backpacking stove is like calling home on a pay telephone.

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