Fun with Minivan Tents

Every summer, may daughter and I go on a family camping trip. We have been doing this since she was a little girl, and now that she is an adult and I am a little older, we are always looking for new ways to make our outings more comfortable. Now that I own a SUV, we were delighted to find a great way to camp in style with the new minivan tents available for trucks and SUVs. It attaches right to the open hatch of the SUV and we have access to all the car accessories including lights, a dc outlet and we just love camping with our new minivan tents, one for my daughter and her family and me.
The sports dome tent was so easy and convenient to use. We were able to keep all our clothing, personal items and gear right in the tent and had easy access from the car. No more zipping and unzipping the tent. Our minivan tents were large enough to sleep four people and tall enough for my six foot husband. Everything about the minivan tents made our set up and sleeping space fast and comfortable. I love having everything we brought with us in the car right there at our fingertips. All our gear was handy and eliminated unpacking and packing suitcases and our sleeping bags could be stowed away with ease.
Minivan tents are a wonderful new way for us to enjoy our camping trips. Setting up and take down was so simple I know we will enjoy camping with our new minivan tents for years to come. Having the easy access to the car, we could even sleep in the back are of the car itself. This has definitely been our best camping trip yet.

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