Play Time in The Tent!

Do your kids beg you daily for a camp out with their friends but, you have neither the time, energy or money to invest in planning and organizing such an event with other parents? You do not want to play the bad guy and you like the idea of a camp out, but all night? That may be a little much with a bunch of kids and keeping them all safe, happy and together. Then you do not have to worry any more! The prefect solution is to buy a huge seven person tent that you can easily set up in your own backyard. Invite your child's friends over for a sleepover at a make shift camp site. You can then lead the pack and do loads of outdoor activities like roasting marshmallows, cooking hot dogs and even playing flash light tag at dusk. The kids will have a ball and you can still enjoy a relaxing evening at home with your partner while the kids curl up into the seven person tent.T he kids will be all cozy in their seven person tent telling scary stories or watching movies. You can keep and eye on them while enjoying a quiet night of your own. All you have to do is invest in the seven person tent and your night is complete! You can even use the seven person tent for a later time in the future when you and the family decide that it is time to go camping for real!

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