What Can You Do With Truck Matteresses?

Truck mattresses and truck beds are not the same thing. The confusion between the two items results in their names. It is understandable that someone may think that truck mattresses are designed to cover the bottom of a truck, but this is not the case. They are designed to keep a camper comfortable while he is on the road. They are most often used in conjunction with a truck tent. Now that the confusion has been cleared up, the reader may wonder why there is a need for truck mattresses in the first place.

The bed of a truck is not know, nor has it ever been, a comfortable place to sleep. The truck tent is deigned to provide shelter for the tent's occupant, but it does not do much for comfort. Laying down padding is a good way for a person to make sure he can sleep well even when he is far from his bed. It can also keep him warmer. Truck mattresses work in conjunction with sleeping bags to prevent the transfer of heat from one surface to another. Stopping this heat transfer prevents a camper from developing hypothermia, especially when the air gets chillier. A person out hunting knows that the autumn air may be crisp in the daytime, but he knows it will get chilly at night. The proper use of truck mattresses helps him maintain his body's temperature.

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