Portable Screen Rooms Are Great For Any Occasion

Portable Nylon Screen Rooms

Portable screen rooms are a great addition not only to family camping trips but to barbeques and days at the lake. They are very versatile and come in handy numerous times. Having a portable screen room ensures your guests are safe from everything mother nature has to offer.

Mostly used to keep bugs and pests out of food, portable screen rooms are tent like set ups with mesh or mosquito screen material used as the walls.

Portable screen rooms come in a wide variety of shapes and styles. While the most common shape is square, some come in 6 or even 8 sided rooms. All feature an entry way door that may zip open and closed and three other walls that in some cases may be removed for accessibility.

A nylon portable screen rooms are very lightweight and will let your guests feel a slight breeze while inside. Many nylon made portable screen rooms are made using a rip and tear resistant nylon to add durability. Heavier tents may be made of a light-colored canvas.

There are many different features to select from when choosing your portable screen room. Some of these features include built-in floor material that may either zip on or snap onto the main room. Others have curtains for both privacy and to help give shade from the sun.

A portable screen room would be a great addition to your next outdoor gathering whether it is in the mountains, at the beach or in your own backyard.

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