Romantic Nights

Nothing is more romantic then a weekend vacation for you and your partner in a 2 person tent. One inexpensive way to enjoy time alone together is to go camping! You can get a 2 person tent from the local camping store and head out to a campsite with some chocolate strawberries and wine to enjoy a romantic night out or weekend away. A solid two person tent will be comfortable but cozy at the same time. You do not want to worry about it raining on you so shelter is a must even if you are just going for one night or a leisurely afternoon. You and your partner can enjoy times with each other with out doing anything at all! Cook a nice dinner and curl up in the 2 person tent and read books while just enjoying the presence of one another. Once it is time to go to bed, zip up the 2 person tent for some privacy. Enjoy a late breakfast and sleep in knowing that you have all the time in the world to spend with each other. Relax by a lake and go fishing for a fresh meal later at night. If there is bad weather, who cares? You will have a cozy little 2 person tent to get back to after fighting off any potential downpour. You and your honey can enjoy your night with out having to worry about life back at home thanks to a spontaneous weekend and a two person tent to save the night.

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