SUV Tents For Suburban Campers

There is an innovative new way to get the most value from your investment in a sport utility vehicle that can transform your ride into a home away from home. SUV tents are becoming increasingly more popular and it is easy to see why. These nifty outdoor shelters actually fit around the back of an SUV and then extend out to become a full size traditional tent. Now you can pitch your tent right where you park and have easy access to extra seating, storage or sleeping space to make any outdoor adventure more comfortable.

The SUV tents come in a wide variety of styles and are comparable in price to traditional free-standing tents. What makes the tents more attractive to current SUV owners is the versatility. Families that love to go camping are the obvious customers for SUV tents because of the extra space and easy access to the amenities in the vehicle, such as a DVD player.

But having SUV tents handy can be the smart choice for non-campers as well. If you regularly travel for business or taking a long road trip, SUV tents can help substantially defray travel cost while eliminating the time it takes to look for lodgings. Small transient business owners can make it into a portable office, able to take the business directly to the customer anywhere. Another possibility that SUV tents offer is an extra bedroom for your home when unexpected visitors some to call.

Really, the potential uses for SUV tents are as diverse as the people who purchase them. They will take your beloved sport utility vehicle to a higher level of use that is both easy and inexpensive, and what could be better? Check out and see how your family will look in one of their SUV tents.

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