“The Take Anywhere SUV Mattress”

Tent camping can approach the comfort of a luxury travel trailer when you use an SUV mattress. If a hard night sleeping on a thin sleep pad is the only drawback to tent camping, then a SUV mattress is the solution. An SUV mattress provides a soft, comfortable and restful night's sleep with none of the bulk of a conventional mattress.

An SUV mattress is an inflatable, take-anywhere mattress that fits into a corner of your camping gear. It has a soft top surface for added comfort. A comfortable coil system makes your night completely restful. A locking air valve makes inflation a snap and ensures the air does not escape during the night. It allows for a quick deflation and put away in the morning. The SUV mattress is manufactured to fit in between the wheel wells of your pickup bed or the rear of your SUV. This makes it the perfect fit for truck tents. It is comparable to a mattress that is smaller than a double mattress, but larger than a single. The dimensions are 75 inches x 47 inches x 5 inches. Technically, it is a double size bed. A built in smart-pump is included so no external pump is necessary. The SUV mattress comes in an attractive black color that goes with any color bedding you want to use.

The secret to a terrific camping experience is a good night's sleep. With an SUV mattress a good night's sleep is virtually assured. The SUV mattress is an economical, comfortable and practical way to bring the comforts of home along on camping trips.

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