Truck Bed Tents – Full Size and Off the Ground

Enjoy camping on a flat level surface with truck bed tents. These nifty tents get you up off the cold ground, and away from the bugs and other creeping crawling critters; be on the move when weather strikes, and skip the dirt associated with ground camping. Pitch your tent anywhere your truck goes, and never have to clear a tent site again.

Sometimes referred to as “Tailgate Tents”; truck bed tents are designed to fit snugly and securely inside the bed of your truck. High and dry off the ground, escaping the chill from damp soil makes truck bed tents an ideal choice for new or occasional recreational campers.

Specifically designed to fit different makes and models of trucks ensures easy assembly even on a windy late arrival to your campsite. Heavier materials and the added security and stability of the truck bed walls, truck bed tents are unwavering and safe in all weather conditions; even higher wind that would send average tent dwellers to the car for safety.

Firmly attached to the bed of the truck itself, truck bed tents don’t need to be staked, reducing setup and breakdown time; and since there isn’t any staking, the truck and be parked on solid surfaces such as asphalt.

Model specific underpads are available, to go under the truck bed tent, to make the sewn in base more comfortable on bare feet. Depending on the make and model, many truck bed tents are large enough to accommodate 2 or 3 adults and tall enough to stand upright.

Although generic, or one size fits most tents are available, however, when ordering truck bed tents, choose your make and model truck, to enjoy maximum comfort and space.

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