Camping And Your Truck

Do you love the great outdoors but hate straying away from your car to find the perfect camp site? Do you wish that there was a simpler way to combine the two? Well, it sounds like a sportz truck bed tent could be the solution to all your problems. With it's unique design and functionality, our sportz truck bed tent will make even the most mundane trips a thing of the past.
Because of our commitment to bring you the latest designs and functionality, we are constantly researching what consumers want. The sportz truck bed tent makes a perfect addition for anyone who loves the outdoors but hates sleeping on the ground. We have models that will allow you to place your bed on the truck bed while at the same time the rest of the tent is located on the ground.
Need somewhere to eat your meals? Some sportz truck bed tent models even come equipped with an awning to shield you from the weather while you sit out in the great outdoors!
Do you know someone in your life who loves camping and their truck? The sportz truck bed tent makes a great gift! The sportz truck bed tent also is very simple to assemble and disassemble. The sportz truck bed tent comes at a price that is extremely competitive with tent models of the same size. With all this and more the sportz truck bed tent is almost too good to be true! Check it out today at

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