Sportz Minivan Tent for Camping Enthusiasts

Minivan Tent

Most campers prefer sleeping outside in Sportz minivan tents rather than just staying inside the cabins. For them, this is more exciting and fun compared to sleeping behind locked doors. For car owners, this is more practical since they are able to keep watch of their automobile and belongings. Therefore, more campers now prefer car tents rather than a usual camp tent. Sportz minivan tents are designed in a two-in-one package. It not only gives the same kind of comfort that usual tents can provide, but also campers do not have to come out of it anymore just to get something from their automobile.

Sportz Minivan Tent a Campers Selection

With the number of car brands and units around, many car tent designs have also come out. Campers can choose among these styles to find which one can meet their needs and fashion taste. To help them select which one is the best for their car, here are some of latest Sportz automobile tents:Napier Sportz SUV & Minivan TentsWith Napier, campers can experience nature in ways they could never imagine. It has a spacious room that perfectly fits to the car’s cargo area. Among its features are its fiberglass tent poles that are supported with carbon-fiber to ensure durability. This tent is also made from durable rip-stop nylon for strength. In addition, it is not only waterproofed on the covering walls, but its floors are made of double-coated polyethylene to ensure water-resistance. Sportz minivan tents can be converted into a stand-alone tents by taking off the detachable sleeve.Sportz SUV Blue/Grey Tent with Screen RoomThis SUV tent can wrap around the vehicle’s cargo area and it also allows campers to have complete access for storing items and sleeping spaces. What makes this tent cool is the removable screen room that provides bug proof comfort and can be removed when not used. With its GoBe Dry rain protection system and baththub-style floor secures the campers from getting wet. Sportz minivan tents are also supported with fiberglass and steel pole structures to provide durability and strength.

Sportz Dome-To-Go Hatchback Tent

Campers are surely safe from rain when using a Sportz minivan tent in this design because it has a heavy duty rain fly. It is also built with durable fiberglass poles that can stand up even in bad weather. Just like a standard camping tent, this one can accommodate four people. It features 3 mesh windows and 2 large doors for better ventilation. It also comes with a gear loft so camping supplies can be stored and organized.

If you need a Sportz minivan tent they are offered in many more styles that campers can choose from. They differ in sizes, styles, and even prices. Whatever they select, it should be one that can make them really comfortable especially since they will be sleeping in it outdoors.


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