Truck Bed Tents – The Multi-Purpose, Functional Truck Accessory

A Pick-up Truck, One Step Ahead
How many times have you wished your pick up truck could do double duty as a camper? So you shop around for a camper shell and find it's too pricey. There's a better, most cost-effective answer to this conundrum. Just visit and you'll see a selection of truck bed tents that will well within price range and are also a truck accessory with multiple functions as a camper, a pick-up driver's home away from home while on the road or for short sporting trips on the weekends at a favorite outdoor spot. These truck bed tents have great eye appeal as well as functionality. This is a step

The Truck Bed Tent With You In Mind
There's plenty of head room in a truck bed tent, up to 5.6 feet. There no need to worry about claustrophobia either. The truck bed tent has two side vents to accommodate the need for fresh air circulation throughout. Another great feature of the truck bed tent in some models is the 4 foot by 4 foot tailgate awning. Another feature of the truck bed tent is access to the truck cab via a rear access door.

Three Seasons And Three Reasons To Own A Truck Bed Tent
A truck bed tent can be used in three seasons. The three best reasons to own a truck bed tent are convenience, durability and great price. Why bother driving miles out of the way to a camp ground site when all you really need to do is find a quiet spot offroad? Set up is so simple thanks to color coding and there's a size for most every truck bed. These tents are made from top quality materials and that handy rain fly is needed protection from sudden showers.

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