Buying That Five Person Tent

The five person tent is ideal for any family that has three to four children.  Since the five person tent is designed to comfortably accommodate five full-grown adults.  This fact makes it possible for a five person tent to be able to accommodate two adults and four smaller children.   
Another great thing about the five person tent is that there is so much space for people who choose to go camping with less than five full-grown individuals in their group.  This extra room is great for storing items, such as toiletries, flashlights, food, water, and other things that are necessary for a great trip into the woods.  However, people should remember that it can be extremely difficult or even impossible to set up a five person tent all by one's self.  Two people can easily manage it.   
five person tents can vary in their specific dimensions.  Some are designed to be huge ten foot by ten foot squares.  In these tents, one of the five people must sleep horizontally, while the other people are sleeping vertically.  Other tents are twelve feet by seven feet.  These offer more space for storage than the other models do.   
Anyone who loves to camp should consider purchasing a five person tent.  Many of these tents are very well made.  They can be a little expensive, but anyone who loves to go camping with any regularity will quickly get his or her money's worth from using it.  A nice big tent can vastly improve a person's camping experience.

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