Creating A New Camping Experience With Your Minivan Tent

pontiac-aztek minivan tent

While the idea of camping in your minivan may not seem appealing when compared to “glamping,” a minivan tent might actually appeal to you. If you’ve ever thought about traveling light, while seeing the country on a budget, this might fit the bill. While most of you have never heard of a minivan tent, the phenomenon of using your vehicle as an active part of the camping experience is not new. RVs, hard top campers, and hitched trailers are all considered suitable mobile housing. 

As a camper, you usually set up the camping area around your tent. Using a minivan tent allows you to keep a portion of your camping equipment such as food, electronics, and even bedding closer than ever and expand the amount of room you have for other things. While the idea of camping or sleeping in your minivan may not grab you if you’re not already a camper, this added convenience could make a world of difference for regular campers looking for new ideas to make their camping experience even better.Setting your minivan tent up is very similar to setting up a regular tent. The only difference is one side of the minivan tent is be attached to the back of your minivan. Some minivan tents are created such that it’s optional whether or not you attach it to your vehicle. That way, the tent is multipurpose and useful even without your truck or minivan.

Why attach a minivan tent to your vehicle?

Why would you want to attach anything to your vehicle? First off, a minivan tent will create more room than you would typically have in a traditional tent. Smaller kids or even adults can sleep in the minivan on an air mattress or sleeping bags. Additionally, you now have an additional power source from your vehicle to use at night. Keep cell phones charged with an inverter in addition to a solar backpack.Our current economic client calls for new and creative ways of traveling and seeing the world. While you can’t control the cost of fuel, you can make adjustments to nightly hotel and food costs while on the road. A minivan tent is just one of the many ways to reduce your spending if you and your family are willing to rough it in pursuit of a great new adventure and new long-lasting memories.

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