Camping With My Butane Stove

Butane Stove Camping

I recently went out and purchased a butane stove to add to my collection of camping gear. The family and I already had all the necessities like the tent, sleeping bags and flashlights. Usually when we’d go camping we would cook on the fire, making delicious campfire hot dogs, and then smores for dessert. But this camping trip we brought along our butane stove, and man I discovered I had been missing out. The butane stove worked great for many purposes. It was small enough to store in the back of my van easily, and when we got the camping site, and were ready to cook something the butane stove was really simple to set up. Within minutes we were up and ready to cook. After setting up the tent and storing our gear inside, my wife tried out the butane stove. The first thing she made was coffee. It had been a long drive to the campsite so we were a little tired. We had set out early so we got to our destination about noon, and still had a long day ahead of ourselves. After having a nice cup of coffee we decided to go on a trail hike. Getting back to the campsite around 5 pm, I made bacon and eggs on the butane stove for dinner. My family is a little funny and likes to have breakfast for dinner sometimes. I gotta tell you, it sure was great to have the luxury of being able to cook anything I wanted while out camping. The family and I had a great time out that trip.

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